Feb with NC

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Hi. My name is Clem and I’m waiting for you in South Carolina’s lowcountry. My shelter 
paper listed me as Clebume. Foster mom said no, Clem it is. She says Clem is a good name for an old man like me. I wonder if she knows she is no spring chicken. My life is simple. I get up, have breakfast, go for a stroll with my pals Sammy and Winston, then follow the old chicken around to see if she is going to feed me again. That never happens so I spend time in the fenced yard investigating and lying in a bed on the porch watching the birds. The rest of the day is reserved for napping once I have nested my soft fleece blanket to my satisfaction. Not too shabby.

Clem3I like people, dogs, and cats. I am a little jumpy about the harness being slipped over my head, but I am leash trained. I love to go for leisurely walks as I like to stop and smell all the roses. I go outside frequently with Sammy and Winston, so I never need to ask to go out. I am about 10-12 years old, weigh 20 lbs., and have natural ears and a cute tail with a hook in it.

Clem5My hearing and eyesight are not that of a spring chicken, but I can hear the porch door opening and see the food bowls being picked up! The important things. I have some arthritis but the doctor gave me an injection so I can trot on my strolls. I have a heart murmur that requires a little medicine… it helps the love keep on ticking. And my pearly grays will soon be pearly white as I’m getting a present called a dental. I am a sweet boy looking for a sweet home. Is it yours?