Feb with NC

Saturday, February 24, 2024

*Regal wave with a charming accent of the aristocrats*

Hello my lovelies! It is your royal highness, Lady Izzybella, at your calling! But since I can already tell we are going to be friends, you can call me by my more casual nicknames: “Izzy,” or “Miss Iz,” as my foster parents affectionately call me.

Izzy3It truly is an honor to meet you all! They say a lady never shares her true age or weight, but like I said above, we’re already friends, right? I am a young, 4 y/o (born 12/11/2018) Salt & Pepper beauty, and weigh a perfect 18 lbs. My natural erect ears impeccably hold up my crown, and my docked tail makes it so I can wear my gorgeous silk and velvet cloaks…HA, just kidding, but I’m glad you can admire my beauty all the same. My foster mom says I have the “most adorable brown eyes, long eyelashes, and a slight curl to the eyebrows.” In the first 24 hours at my foster home, I let my foster parents trim my hair into a more “traditional schnauzer cut” (minus the inner ears, which I do not enjoy, yet), so you can be sure I will be prepared to look my most beautiful schnauzer self in my forever home.

Izzy4We’re only just getting started! There is truly so much to know about what makes me, “me,” and I’d be so honored to share it with you. I am very adaptable, as any Lady must be. You see, my former family had to give me away to SLR, and I was crushed but still held my head high. It didn’t take me too long to claim a spot in my foster dad’s lap for comfort. My foster parents call me a “super cuddler/lap dog.” Cuddling with my favorite people is my favorite thing to do, but I am a well-rounded gal and also enjoy playtime with my foster siblings and a long walk in the crisp air. I would love a playmate in my forever home, preferably a male one as a lady doesn’t want to compete with too many other doggie ladies, you know!  I am OK other girlie doggies, but I don’t know if we will be best friends.   I also love the occasional pig ear or power chew Nylabone to keep my teeth looking beautiful, but my foster parents always watch me when I chew to make sure I don’t bite off anything too big and get hurt. I much too voraciously devour my meals for a refined lady, so my foster parents have been feeding me in a muffin tin or food puzzles to slow me down a bit.

Izzy5I would do well in an apartment or a home as my forever castle, as I am not a big barker and do very well in my crate when my people are gone. I do much prefer to sleep in the bed with my foster parents. I am an excellent car rider so feel free to bring me along on special adventures. I am up-to-date on all my vaccinations, spayed and eat food for sensitive skin and stomach.  I am house trained and leash trained, and my previous family saw me around kids and cats and said I did quite well, though I haven’t been around any in my foster home.

I am ready to love on my forever family wholeheartedly. I am a very sweet and special girl, and I hope you’ll consider adding me to your family. If so, go to www.schnauzerloverescue.net and apply for Lady Izzybella in TN.

Regally yours,  Lady Izzybella