Feb with NC

Saturday, February 24, 2024


Macon, a sweet 9-year-old senior gentleman, came to the rescue from Memphis Animal Shelter – sick, skin and bones, and hair loss. After some extra TLC and vet care - and Macon has settled in as a sweet little, 11 lb. senior guy who loves to be cuddled and held. His fur has grown in a beautiful fluffy white; in fact, it’s already time for his next grooming appointment! Up-to-date on all his vaccines and neutered plus a dental, he’s just waiting for his forever home. He has adorable natural ears and a cute natural tail. He is good on car rides, and just wants to be with his humans.

Macon9Macon won’t hear if you call him because he’s deaf, but he still gets excited when he sees you. But he’s happy and loves to sleep on the couch, his bed, in his crate with blankets or anywhere he can find. He does well on his potty habits and enjoys lots of pets and scratches. He has poor eyesight, but he can see enough to get around his foster home just fine, and he goes for short walks outside. If the walks are too long, he’s thinking he’d really love a doggie stroller so he can enjoy all the smells and sights from the luxury of his personal carriage. For all that Macon has been through before he came to SLR, he still has quite the spring in his step and is so very loving. Macon isn’t a fan of long staircases; they aren’t safe for him because of his limited sight and a bit of a balance issue.

Macon6Despite, his hearing and limited sight, Macon is in surprisingly good health. He has told us he wants to be an only dog so he can get all of the attention and his new owner’s lap, 100% of the time. After all he’s been through, he’s decided he deserves endless peaceful, uninterrupted naps, and we agree! He’d adore a home where his new parents are home most of the time, but as long as he has a quiet, predictable home life and a regular potty schedule, that is what matters. He loves meeting new humans, especially when greeted with a treat! Every once in a while, he breaks out with the energy of a puppy, but then after that entertaining spurt of activity, he calms back down to the sedate, senior gentleman who is waiting for his forever home.

If interested in this small special boy, put in your application at www.schnauzerloverescue.net