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Friday, February 28, 2020

Greetings! My name is Dora.  This is my brother Oliver.  We are staying at a luxury foster resort in the South Atlanta, Georgia area. Once you have filled out your application and had your interview, you may contact our foster Mom and Dad by letting your administrator know of your interest in us.

DoraOliver3Our owners surrendered us because they could not take us to the nursing home.  We are 10 years old and very healthy for our age. Of course we are "fixed" and current on our shots and on heart worm and flea preventative. I am the explorer, Dora and my brother, Oliver; well he likes to see what is going on from the vantage point of a chair or better yet a comfortable couch. We both are very gentle and non-aggressive.  We get along with other dog friends very well. 

Trouble is not in our vocabulary.  Oliver and I can use a dog door but need gentle reminding to use it.  We are getting a little up there, you know.  We can climb stairs too! Oliver can get excited a little and start to say some jokes.  Me, I am more curious and quiet.  Of course, we love breakfast and supper.  Treats rate high on our palette.  We do need some walking, but love our large estate fenced yard.  We do prefer to sleep with our owners, but are polite and stay in our positions near the bottom of the bed for a long winter’s night.  Our day beds provide lounging hours whenever we feel like settling down for a nap.

DoraOliver4If you have room in your home and your hearts for a great pair, please consider me Dora, and my brother Oliver. We warm up to human folks so sweetly. You and your family will have NO REGRETS when we arrive in our new forever home.  We appreciate love and will be dedicated to our human parents.  Our love is never-ending and eternal!  We will be waiting for our forever home.