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Saturday, August 08, 2020

Howie is currently being fostered in east Tennessee. If you're interested in adopting Howie, please complete the online application form to start the process. After your phone interview and home check, we'll connect you with the foster home for additional information and to answer any of your questions.  

Howie3Howie is an 8-year old male (neutered), salt & pepper in color and has a docked tail and natural ears. He's 18 pounds which is the perfect size for his frame.  He came to SLR in October 2019 after being neglected for most of his life and left outside to fend for himself.  Once he was safely with SLR, he was able to get medical assessment and treatment.  He required surgery to remove a large fatty tumor on his right hip along with a couple bumps on his neck/shoulder.  His recuperation went very well and now enjoying life in a warm foster home where he is thriving. 

Howie5Howie loves to walk and enjoys exercise, but he loves more to be snuggling on the couch with anyone who will sit down. His ideal situation is sitting on your lap while you relax. Howie eats twice a day and has fresh veggie/fruit treats (apple slices, fresh green beans), as well as, traditional doggie treats around noontime.  He is very food motivated and very smart – learning to sit and stay quickly.  He is house-trained and does his business quickly to get back into the comfortable house.  He does love being outside sniffing around and getting some fresh air but should not be expected to withstand the cold/hot extremes that he was forced to endure in his past. Schnauzers must be inside dogs. Howie is crate-trained for night sleeping and rests on couches depending on which room the people are in. Howie does have some anxiety when left alone, but he is getting more secure in his surroundings and is gaining confidence daily. He does fine with his car riding – he’ll have small bouts of anxiety and then will settle down in the passenger seat. 

Howie4Howie is a gem.  He is one of the best miniature schnauzers I've ever encountered.  He’s gentle, loves everyone and is very easy to care for and a joy to have around.  He’ll let out a little bark here and there and will howl occasionally, but he doesn’t seem to have the common schnauzer trait of being yappy.  He hasn’t shown any aggression whatsoever to anyone.  He has been tested with other dogs and seems interested with his tail wagging upon greeting.  He shows a healthy respect to cats; Howie has not been tested with very small children.