Saturday, April 20, 2024

TripKo2Meet the wonderfully impressive and very affectionate duo Kobe and Tripp (also known as  Hippo). These boys are being fostered in the FL Panhandle.
TripKo3Kobe is a 3.5 year-old  40 lb. standard schnauzer, and Tripp is an 8-year-old 100 lb. giant schnauzer.  Both Kobe and Tripp love to please their human, compete for the most pets and snuggles from their human, go on long walks, play with other dogs, run in the yard and in the forest, stand watch at the window,  and bark at passerbys. They are well socialized with other dogs of all sizes and with people, and do great on a leash (head collar for Kobe). They love the dog park to run with other big dogs....and if you want to talk about getting complements on your dog...these boys will turn heads!!!. Tripp is a great ball retriever and you will definitely want him on your team next time you play tug of war. Neither dog is overly noisy, but they will bark on alert when appropriate.
TripKo6Here are some naughty things they love: Tripp loves  a good "gate challenge".. .."show me the gate and I am sure I can solve this problem" .  A standard chain link latch is no match for this smart boy. Then when Tripp solves the pesky "gate puzzle"  Kobe says, "Thanks Tripp....now I can run wherever I want as fast as I want!!! It's okay mom, I'm just taking a quick joyride and I will be right back."  Sometimes Tripp barks (more like a Canadian goose honk) when he wants more snuggles, or when excited by playtime. Tripp is pretty sure the food you prepped on the counter or threw in the trash was for him, right? (Consider a secure barricade to keep him out of the kitchen) . They will do best with a family who can exercise them every day and be home with them a lot. Tripp is fully house trained. Kobe is crate trained and house trainied too.. He has Kobe is very strongly motivated by his human's approval and praise.

   TripKo4They are a bonded pair so need to stay together. They will need a very secure fence, probably 4 ft. tall or taller. They will need someone who is willing to make certain they get the exercise they need. If you are interested in these handsome boys, please fill out an application and ask for Kobe and Tripp.