Feb with NC

Saturday, February 24, 2024


Oh boy, it’s Otto! With his low legs, long body, and precious little schnauzer face, this 
schnauzer-dachshund mix is ready to derby dash right into your heart! Mr. Otto is 14 lbs. of handsome, jet-black fur, and love. At 3-4 years of age, you would never know what this sweetheart of a baby has gone through by the way he spreads his love and kisses – one cold night, he was abandoned in a crate near a shelter until staff found him the next morning. He must’ve been so scared, sad, and confused, but things quickly looked up when SLR swooped in to get him to his loving foster home as soon as possible.

Otto3After getting all his vaccinations, treatment for a UTI, a neuter and some R & 
R in his foster home, the very best parts of Otto's sweet demeanor have shone. Otto does well with smaller dogs, so if you've got some minis looking for a brother, he's your guy! He has shown some fear and timidness around larger dogs, but can you blame him? Those little legs can only run so fast! As far as humans go, Otto prefers women at first, but will happily request snuggles from men after a short "warm-up" period. He truly is a lover boy because he accepts and gives love to all.  Otto has not been around cats or children, yet. Given his joyful temperament, chances are he will do well with both. We can always check that.

Otto5It is because of his energy and playfulness that we believe he would do best with a fenced in yard where he can run and play (a lot!) with you or doggie siblings. He’s shown no signs of trying to escape or dig in the yard; what a good boy! Otto is not a big barker, is housebroken, leash -trained, and crate-trained for about 5 hours at a time - he is most comfortable in a large crate. He loves to play with his toys, sleep in a human bed or in his bed at night. He does great in the car, has no problem with baths and grooming, and is, generally, a confident little guy - he can be a little fearful of new people or things for about the first 24 hours, but warms up soon after that. He does not shed.

Otto4Otto’s foster mom says that “Otto loves everyone (likes to give kisses and receive hugs/pets, etc.) and gets along well with our 5 schnauzers; he loves to run outside in the backyard, play with toys, and eat cookies and his food.” Are you smitten with our sweet little Otto, yet? Well, hop on over to our website, fill out an application, and ask for “Otto” in Tennessee!”  www.schnauzerloverescue.net