Feb with NC

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Have we got any Harry Potter fans in here? Because we are proud to present to you our

beautiful little Luna girl that embodies everything good and beautiful about Harry& #39;s good friend,Luna Lovegood. 

Luna4Our SLR Luna shares the same beautiful white hair and petite figure, at just over 9 lbs. She is estimated to be around 6 years of age. Sweet as can be with a zest for adventure, she fills any space she’s in with joy and light. Luna’s foster mom describes her as a “complete bundle of love who will cuddle you into submission any time you sit down.” Quite active for her age, Miss Luna is very bright, cheerful, and ALWAYS up for a game of fetch. Perhaps the most important thing to know about Luna is that her quest for adventure can tend to be expressed via digging holes to escape under any fence - we know Luna Lovegood had important battles to fight alongside Harry Potter, but we’d like for this Luna to remain safe and sound, so it is CRITICAL that Luna is never left unattended in a fenced yard. We will recommend some safeguards that can be easily installed to keep Luna from digging.

Luna3We think she would do wonderfully with a daily walk or run and some indoor fetch if you do not have a yard. Luna would do well as a solo dog or with siblings. Luna loves to sleep in her crate, does great in the car, and is overall a pretty quiet lady. As long as fetch is a part of her daily schedule, she will love you forever. Luna is “absolutely sweet and charming and will make a wonderful addition to any future family.”

Luna is up-to-date on vaccines, spayed, and ready for her forever home.  Want to bring a little
magic into your life? Then pull out your magic wand (keyboard) and apply for Luna