Feb with NC

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Pepper2Hi SLR friends and family, my name is Pepper.  I am a sweet, petite, beautiful, female miniature schnauzer weighing just 13.9 pounds.  My age is a bit of a mystery, but the vets believe I am in the range of 5 to 8.  I spent some years as a breeder’s dog and then fortunately found myself in a SLR foster home. 

Pepper5I am a really good girl!  I am completely potty trained.  I let my foster Mom know when I need to go out by going to the door and barking.  I am also good on a leash.  I slept in a crate for a few nights when my foster Mommy first brought me home.  I do bark when you first put me in, but I settle down.  My foster Mom trusts me to sleep in the bed now. 

Pepper4I would love to have a home that would pay me lots of attention. I just want to follow someone around all day, sit when they sit, sleep when they sleep and get lots of pets in between.  I enjoy everyone I meet, including kids and adults.  I am a good girl when I am left at home alone.  I do bark when you leave and when I hear you come home but I while you are gone, I just sleep. My foster Mommy does not even crate me while she is gone.  I’ve exhibited no destructive behavior. 

Pepper3I love car rides.  I may explore the car for a few minutes but then I lay down and relax.  I am a good girl even at the vet.  I let them handle me and even give me shots without any issues.  My hair was cut super short before my foster Mom took me in, so I’ve not been groomed yet.  My foster Mom has given me several baths with no issues. 

I did come to SLR with a mouth full of bad teeth, but I had a dental which made me feel amazing.  I only have eight teeth left but this does not stop me from eating.  Foster Mom gives me the same kibble as my foster brother, Leo, with a little water and I have no trouble eating it.  I also love soft treats. 

I really just want a home where I can cuddle with someone each day on a soft fuzzy blanket.  I forgot to mention that I love to lay on soft fuzzy blankets. 

If you think you will be the perfect match for me, please complete an application.  I would love to have a permanent, forever home!