Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Greetings from the West Coast of FL!  My name is ’Manning.’ It is an old English name meaning ‘brave.’ If you are a football fan, I am not related in any way to Peyton or Eli (although I wish it were true)! If after reading my autobiography, you are interested in knowing more details about me, ‘Manning’ the Schnauzer, not the football players, please complete an adoption application on the SLR web site and enter ‘Manning’ as the handsome, black Schnauzer you would like to provide a forever home to.

Manning2I am in a lovely foster home with one resident, female Schnauzer. We get along fine but we each just sort of do our own thing! She has taught me to bark when the doorbell rings or if we hear a car outside. I feel I am a good watchdog for my foster mom. I would do best as an only dog as I am very protective of my food, which I am fed twice a day. I have free roam of the house and will go to my foster mom when I want her to love on me. I am not a huge snuggler or cuddler, but enjoy when my foster mom pets me to let me know I am a good boy. I love my nap time.

Manning3I am 12 years young, have natural ears and a docked tail. I weigh in at 24 lbs. I had a dental and only had (13) extractions – pretty good for a Schnauzer! I LOVE the backyard and go out frequently to smell the flowers and enjoy the sunny (humid) weather. I am not an Alpha, have no experience with felines or children so best not to include them on my wish list. I am not a nipper, but will growl when something concerns me – like being picked up to be put in a car (where are you taking me). My foster mom has started giving me Glucosamine to support by joint health. It tastes good and I think it is a treat.

If you feel you are the wonderful Forever Home that I am searching for -

* Fenced Backyard

* Healthy Food

* Daily Nap Time

please complete an adoption application and enter ‘Manning’ the Schnauzer, not the football player, as the handsome, lovable boy you would like to provide a forever home to.