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Tuesday, June 06, 2023

I’ll bite you.

Croc2For real, man. I’m not kidding. Not a lot, but I have bitten my person. I’m just putting that out there because I want you to look beyond my incredibly cute puppy dog self. Please still say “Ohhhh” and “Awwww” about my adorableness, and I thank you very much. But my happiness (and yours) depends on me finding an owner who can deal with that and continue to help me be the best little schnauzer I was meant to be. I really don’t think I’ll always be a biter. In fact, I have only bitten my wonderful. sweet foster mom twice. (Yea, dude, I’m ashamed.) And she’ll say it was entirely her fault. If you’re still reading, either you are horrified and can’t look away (like a train wreck) or maybe there’s a chance you think we can still be best friends. If you still are interested in my handsome beast self, read on.

is my name and keeping you on my toes is my game. I like to be known as Crockett Man. I am a two-year-old,15 lb. black and white parti male schnauzer. I’m, of course, neutered, up-to-date on my vaccines and ready for just the right forever home. I want to be the COA (Center of Attention) all the time. I’m learning that I can’t always be the COA, but it’s still hard. Like when you are on the phone, I can just jump up and push that annoying machine out of your hand. So be sure to invest in a quality phone case. Foster mom says that kind of behavior must be immediately corrected. But I’m still needy. I need my new human to love me a lot and spend lots of time playing with me.

Croc3In my original home, I did anything I wanted. No. Rules. At All. I was in charge. So, everything I did they thought was cute until I got old enough to hurt when I bit. And I did because I was never taught not to. There must have been a teenage boy there that was mean to me, because I don’t like them. I was out of control there and, honestly, scared all the time. They had no idea what to do with me, so they scheduled for me uh that word that sounds like “you’re in asia” and I know it’s awful. I can hardly think about it. But I was saved! A Good Samaritan guy heard about it and was able to keep me until Schnauzer Love Rescue had a foster home for me. Those days were really rough, because I was scared and nobody had ever tried to teach me nice doggie behavior. I am embarrassed to say I bit my Good Samaritan’s leg. But he persisted because he’s used to training giant schnauzers….and I guess he wasn’t going to be beaten by a 15 lb. squirt like me.

Croc4Transition to my foster home was tough, too. But my foster mom – she gets me. And SLR paid for an awesome trainer for us to work with. I’m not gonna lie. WHEW, I was exhausted after the training sessions. But it was also fun! I’m proud to say I’m doing well with training and when I go to my forever, I must have a routine, structure, and rules. Foster mom says I will need an owner that will keep this up or I will revert to my old, ugly behaviors. You must commit to learning my triggers so you can avoid them whenever possible. My training includes, basic obedience, leash walking, ignoring dogs and people while on walks or in public, no growling or lunging at people or dogs, no stalking dogs or people. These are the commands I know: Sit, stay, down, laydown, off, come, leave it, take it, watch, heel, drop it, enough and of course, no. I hope you are impressed, because I’m super proud.

Croc7So, if you are still reading and thinking about adopting me, remember, no kids, no teenage boys because they give me flashbacks to a bad time. I need to be an only dog. I need a fenced backyard to run and play, and I need patient, loving and firm knowledgeable owners who won’t let me be Big Boss Man, and will enjoy playing and spending lots of time with me. And will promise to continuing my awesome training. Foster mom will tell you that it takes a while to learn my trust, and let me come to you. I am very sweet, love to cuddle, snuggle and give kisses. I am a lap dog and want to stick close to you. I love treats and those really help me learn faster. �� I am completely potty trained and I do not mark!

If you can meet all my needs, including experience with a biter, please go to  and submit an application. Be sure to ask for Crockett.