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Monday, June 05, 2023


Effie4Hello SLR friends! It’s Effie here to remind you that schnauzers age like fine wine…oh, and that I’m looking for my forever home. Could it be with you? I am a sweet and active, 10ish-year-old purebred miniature schnauzer. I am the most beautiful silver color, and a lovely 15 lbs. Of course, I am up-to-date on all my vaccines and spayed. I’ve had a dental so I have no teeth problems. In fact, I have no teeth anymore, at all. But no worries, I can eat just fine and feel

Effie3I was found wandering the streets as a stray. It’s most certainly difficult to imagine such a beautiful and loving girl like me out on the streets, isn’t it? I told my foster mom I very scared and hungry, all alone on the streets, but I did enjoy being in the sunshine. I LOVE to be outside. Whether you have a great fenced yard for me to romp in or a balcony or patio for me to feel the wind through my beard, I will thank you profusely. For being a senior gal, I am bundles of fun and am quite high energy! I love my walks more than anything else – I walk wonderfully on a leash with my harness and could easily walk more than a mile. I have shown some weakness in my hind legs, but it certainly doesn’t affect my desire to walk. While on my walks, I have met some very nice neighborhood children who I liked very much. I think as long as the children in your life know how to be respectful of amazing schnauzers like me, I would very much like spending time with them.

Effie5We have also seen some dog friends out on walks – I get excited when I see them from afar but get a little nervous when I’m too close. It might just be best for me to keep watching them walk by from a good distance. I think I would do best as the only dog in the home. It’s the humans I really care most about, anyway. I just love being the center of attention, and very much would
look forward to being the apple of your eye. I may not be a big snuggler or like to be held, but I sure do show my love in other ways. I adore sleeping soundly next to you in bed or on the couch – I am just so happy to be safe and warm now!

Effie2My foster mom says I am one smart and good girl because I have had no accidents in the house, I am very respectful of her things, and settle very nicely after I’ve gotten my energy out. My foster mom hasn’t had to put me in the crate at all. I like this because I am a very alert schnauzer and enjoy watching out the windows, doing my guard duty. But I understand when my “alerts” to passing people are too loud, and quiet down my barking very nicely with a word. What matters most to me is that my forever human has time to give me exercise time. So, while a home with a yard would be the best fit for my energy level, a very active apartment or condo family would be ok, if we did lots of walk…I am not a sleepy senior. I don’t care much about playing with toys, so outside time is really what I need.

Bring me home with you, and we’ll age like fine wine together! I can’t wait to spend many happy years with humans who love me and spending time outside as much as I do. Just to sum things up, I need a home with a human who will take me on walks and let me spend time outside, either in a fenced yard (preferred!) or a patio. I need a human who will let me sleep next to them and be with them a lot. I love being the center of attention, but I also enjoy sweet, gentle children. If you are interested in adopting me and meet my requirements, please go to  complete an application and ask for Effie in TN!