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Monday, March 20, 2023

Blossom2If your first thought is… “Wow, this dog is as pretty as her name…you would be correct!” In fact, Blossom’s loving foster mom says that pictures truly don’t do this sweet girl justice! If Blossom had one wish, it would be endless belly rubs and soft sweet-talk from her forever home humans. Like many ladies, Blossom, a schnauzer mix, and is shy about telling her age, but we think between 5-6. No matter her age, she acts like a youngster! She loves to play with her toys and chase her ball in the backyard – although we believe she’d also thrive in a condo or apartment if given enough playtime and outings! At 28 lbs., she’s a great size for longer walks and playtime! She needs a sweet foster sibling and is cool with other doggie visitors. She needs some time to get to know them first. A great and easy way to do this is a “parallel walk” – grab a friend and some longer leashes and let the dogs sniff each other and the environment while they can move freely about – nothing creates positive memories like walking together! Blossom loves her walk time once she’s outside, she just tends to get a little nervous when the leash is put on –  special “walk time” treats paired with extra leash time might do the trick here! In fact, just leaving a lightweight leash dragging behind Blossom might be a great idea while she settles into her forever home.

Blossom has made attempts to “bolt” out an open door (a dragging leash inside will help prevent this). And again, high quality treats at the door will make her recall to return super solid. Blossom’s foster mom says she loves food and gets so excited at mealtime that she’ll even “jump for joy!” Sounds like a soulmate for all of us humans who love a good meal just as much! 

Blossom3Is Blossom already sounding like she could be your best friend? Perfect, she thinks so too! She is quick to bond with one person in the house, and needs the other members of the household to be patient with her while she forms bonds with them. How special will that be when you finally do receive her love! Those moments are the magic of rescue. Give a rescue dog the time and space they need to get comfortable with you on their terms, and that trust will create one of the most rewarding relationships in your life. Blossom’s foster mom says that while she prefers women at first, she’s shown lovely progress with warming up to men – in less than two weeks, while the foster dad respected her space, she really began to love him. While this may seem like a long time, think about how long it takes us to form a new friendship…doesn’t seem so long now, now does it? Blossom does like to jump on the couch for a few “loves”/pets, but will happily let you know when she’s had enough by jumping off.

Blossom5Blossom is keen on using her crate as a “safe space” while she gets comfortable around new people. She loves her crate so much that she even prefers to eat and sleep there. At first,if you approach her while she is in her safe space, she may lower her head and growl. While growling may seem scary to a lot of us who are new to rescue dogs (or dogs in general), it is an incredible form of communication – if you respect a growl, a dog doesn’t feel the need to nip. This is certainly the case for Blossom, who has never shown any biting behaviors. A great way to approach Blossom when she is fearful, is to toss treats outside her crate or give her a treat whenever she is feeling brave enough to come out on her own! She will quickly learn that the outside world can be just as kind and wonderful as her safe space. Announcing yourself when you are approaching is also a great choice to make her environment as predictable as possible. If you’re planning on bringing Blossom home with you, it may help to reschedule any big dinner parties for a little while – introduce her to a few trusted, respectful friends at a time and she’ll warm up faster and be most grateful to you.

Blossom4Blossom is crate-trained, leash trained (a harness would be a great choice for this strong girl), and house trained (she will let you know when she needs to go out). While a lot of schnauzers may bark at something alarming in typical schnauzer-fashion, Blossom does not seem to be a big barker! We believe Blossom would do best with some confident doggie siblings to take the lead from. She could especially use some practice getting comfortable with being alone and in the car – short intervals with lots of positive reinforcement win the race!

Blossom is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccinations, and ready for a fun, loving home with patient humans and confident dog siblings. Ready to see your budding love for Blossom flower into a lifelong love? (Couldn't resist) Great!  If you meet all of Blossom’s requirements, please go to to apply, and ask for Blossom in TN