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Monday, March 20, 2023


Hi, I'm SLR Olaf, and I love warm hugs! I am 8 years old and have the spirit and energy of a younger dog. I'm a 21 pound white schnauzer being fostered in north Alabama. 

Olaf6I've changed so much from when I first came to SLR. I had some fear aggression, but now I have improved so much. Once I learn to trust you, I'm a big fluff heart. I still need a little more patience and encouragement with fully trusting at first, but I've grown to trust foster momma so much since early on being with her! I'm really just a big marshmallow.

Olaf9I am housetrained, and I love, love to run in foster sis's fenced-in yard and get out some of my energy! My fur is growing in very nicely and super soft after having to be buzzed down from nasty mats too!

Olaf1I adore people and other dogs and want to be friends so much. I've heard of "cats" but haven't met one yet. I want to be with you wherever you are and will follow you every step. I do well with kiddos too. I'll come ask for pets and attention and then go do my thing and come back for more loving. My excitement to love everyone might be a little much for a toddler until I have a moment to calm down.

Olaf4I love treats and food time too (who doesn't?). In fact, that's how to get me into my kennel when you need to leave me or at bedtime. Chunk in a milkbone, and I will happily go inside. I am working on earning my manners. I'm doing great at "wait/stay" even though I really really just wanna run out the door into the fenced yard. I wait until my foster Mom says "good boy". Foster Mom says I'm better at "no/ahh" and at "come" than foster sis! I will need you to be patient with me as you teach me more proper manners. 

If you have tons of love and attention to give a big baby like me and think that you could be my forever family, put your application in and ask for SLR Olaf!! I'm waiting for you!