Feb with NC

Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Meet little Raven! She is in a new foster home, and we have learned so much about her. She’d likely to tbe a schnauzer/papillon mix. Whatever she is, she is an absolutely adorable, loving girlie.

Raven6Hi, schnauzer lovers! I am Raven and am having the very best time ever! I am a schnauzer/papillon mix, and my New Year’s wish is that I find my forever home. I have three foster schnauzer friends – two boys and a girl. And I love them all. I’m super busy, and play and run with my schnauzer siblings. I get to do that in this big house and in this great fenced back yard. Plus, with three humans around, I can get cuddles any time I want. I’ve learned to leave the kitties alone and focus on other things. I’d still like to chase them, but with foster mom around, I know I can’t. I also am a door-darter, so please keep me safe from doors that open into
the big bad world.

Raven3I still have shiny ebony fur to go with my diva schnauzertude, which means I am just full of fun and energy and if you let me, I’ll boss you around. LOL Foster mom says don’t be fooled by my overwhelming cuteness - I need a loving and a firm owner who won’t let me be the boss. I am only 10 lbs and a mere two years old. As you can see, my ears are two of my best features, and now that I finally have my awesome schnauzer hairdo, I love to show it off. As you can tell from my pic, I am still ear-centric. Only humans who really would adore me need apply. Oh, and only humans that give lots of treats.

Raven2I am (obviously) adorable, and of course, spayed, and up-to-date on my vaccines. I need a young, busy playmate. I love being part of a pack, so it would be great if there are other dogs around. I’d absolutely adore going to training with you. It would be so much fun - all that attention, treats and learning with you! I found out I love kids. Foster mom says I’m tiny so the kids need to be a little older so I’ll be safe – 6 or above.

I’m very energetic and need an active household. If you have a fenced backyard, I’ll rum zoomies around it. But you just can’t leave me out there alone. Because I might dig under the fence to go find other playmates. Yes, I am an escape artist. It’s a specialty of mine. However, if you take me for walks, and I have lots of playtime, I’ll be less likely to try to dig under the fence. I walk on a leash like a princess, and am ready to go at all times. In fact, my foster mom thinks I’d be great at agility training! I exhibited perfect behavior when I met the vet man, and when I was at the groomer lady. I have very nice potty-training matters, now that someone takes me out regularly.

Raven4I love to ride in cars, and you can take me anywhere you want to go. In fact, although I can stay at home alone and be a good girl, I love to be with my humans. Here’s a bonus you’ll probably like – I am not a big barker! I would love to meet all your friends and relatives because I’m sure they’ll love me back. And if your friends have dogs, they can come visit, too. Of course, my favorite is my people; I’ll follow you around everywhere, and I love to sleep in your bed with you. I am kind of a sneak attack kisser, so be ready for that.

Raven5So, in summary, my ideal forever home is active with at least one other active pup to play with! I’d enjoy a fenced backyard to run off my energy, but I can’t be left out there alone since I might dig out. I need someone experienced and lovingly and firm who can continue to teach me to be on my best behavior (I have a strong personality I am told). Kids 6 and older are fine, if they’re gentle and kind. Plus, I really hope we can go for training together. And you must love my cute self as much as I’ll love you. If you meet all my needs, please apply to adopt me and ask for Raven (the diva) in Tennessee!