Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hi, I'm Papi and I am a 3 year old schnauzer mix weighing in at just 16 pounds. I am neutered and current on my shots and on heart worm and flea  preventative. Some people think I am cute with my stand up ears and curling long tail and non-shedding coat, but really I do not want to brag on myself. 

Papi6I am a guy full of energy and would love a fenced yard where I could run, but some nice leash walks would work too if you are strong and can handle my energy. I need a little training about mellowing out when I see other dogs or small wild animals on the loose. I heard someone say that means, like most schnauzers, I am prey driven. I take correction well and want to please I just need further consisternt training in that area. Also when I first meet someone I might growl because I am insecure, but I quickly mellow out and am fine so just don't rush up on me. I just need a little time to build trust. Because of this, I need an adult only home.

Papi5I am good with other dogs and like to play and I like toys.  I am not an alpha dog whaterver that means. Cats, or other small pets, in my new home would probably not work. I am house trained and crate trained and leash trained, but I pull on leash, as mentioned, so a harness might keep me in check better than a collar. Even though I am 3, I still have a lot of puppy in me so do not leave anything tempting around for me to chew up like your glasses or remote control. A Nyla bone offered me a good substitute and though I like toys I can be a bit hard on them if you get my drift. And get this - I do not beg at the table!

Papi3Really my only down side is that I am a bit fearful and insecure. Once I am shown consistent love and provided a structured environment where I know what to expect, I settle in nicely - at least that is what my foster mom says. Oh, and I can be a slippery fella if you give me access to an open door. I will take off, so guard the door and hang on to me so you are not running a race to catch me. As a typical schnauzer I do bark when I hear or see things so an apartment or condo would probably not work for me.

Papi4I am an affectionate guy. I would like snuggling with you on the couch and also following you around. I also give kisses - a real lover boy. I have been left alone in my crate a max of 6 hours and I did fine, but any longer would be too long for me. I ride fine in the car. I would love to sleep in the bed with you but would accept a crate for my bed.

If you have interest in Papi and think he might just be the boy to make your home complete, fill out an application and then you may contact Mims for more information on him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..