Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hello, all you schnauzer-loving hoomans! I am Bo Bo Biscuit, and I am a really good boy! That’s what my foster mommy says. I am, of course, neutered, up-to-date on all my vaccines and I am so happy that I’ll 
be getting my forever home soon! I am only two-years old and I’m looking for a special family. I have one special need that is extremely important. If you want to know more, read on. 

I have allergies, and when I was surrendered to Schnauzer Love Rescue, I was extremely itchy and miserable. My former family didn’t know what to do, and my skin was a red, yucky itchy mess. But my foster mommy jumped right in and figured it out with the nice vet woman and the rescue folks. My skin is now completely normal and I am happy, playful, and now I am totally the charming clown schnauzer I was born to be!!! There is so much more about me that you’ll want to know besides my allergies, but let’s get that stuff out of the way first. This is how my foster mommy and daddy keep me comfortable – the list is below:

BoBo2Lovely medicated baths 2x a week
Omega supplement
Petscy anti-itch chew
Regular Cytopoint injections
Booties to wear (I wear them outside only if I’m on grass)
Dog food for sensitive stomach and skin

BoBo5Oh, I get a special, healthy store-bought treat plus fruits and veggies like green beans, cucumbers, carrots and watermelon! Now that you know how to keep me comfortable, I’ll tell you the fun stuff about me! 

I get along with the three schnauzers in my foster home; I like them a lot, even the grumpy, bossy alpha one. In fact, I am learning to play with the doggies here, so we agree I would like a doggie playmate in my new forever home. There were children in my first home and I loved them; I’d enjoy kids to play with, again. But I don’t have to have children around as long as I have a dog to play with and hoomans who love me and give me lots of attention. I am very cuddly, and I will wrap my long legs around you to give you a special Bo Bo Biscuit hug. I’ll nudge you if you’re sitting down and it’s time for me to be petted. I’ll be in your lap, if you’ll let me.

BoBo3I admit that I become Mr. McBarky on walks; other dogs excite me to no end when we walk. So, I guess I have some work ahead of me to learn to not get so excited. Tee Hee. Walks are fun, but so is racing around the fenced back yard! You’ll also be happy to know that I have absolutely wonderful potty habits (I did not even try to mark in my foster home when I first arrived), and I’m not as big a barker in the house as my foster siblings. So, I could live in a condo or apartment.

BoBo4I am 24 lbs, and I’m crate-trained, leash-trained and of course, I don’t shed. I am a schnauzer, after all! I just love to go with you anywhere in the car and I’m accustomed to being safely strapped in. I’m a good boy during baths and grooming, but don’t come after me with that noisy hair dryer! Hahaha, I sleep in my crate at night, and during the day I nap all over - on the dog beds, a comfy chair or the carpeted floor. I follow commands and only get on the furniture when I’m told I can. When I jump on visitors (a no-no, I understand, but I’m so excited for company), when I’m told “off,” I get down. I love dog toys, especially chasing a frisbee-type toy and safe bones and squeaky balls. I’ll even play with toys by myself.I don’t dig and I don’t try to escape.

BoBo6I still have some puppy habits; I mouth and nip my foster daddy when he plays with me. But I’ll stop if he reminds me. I love it when I do something right and they praise me. When they tell me I’m super smart, it makes me want to be an even better boy! I am very cuddly and I love being close to my hoomans. I also like to put my paws on the kitchen counter, because I just know there’s tasty food up there. But I always get caught, and I get right down.

As you can see from my pictures, I am an especially cute and adorable salt and pepper schnauzer. I’ll keep you laughing because I love to be silly, to play and have fun. And I’ll keep you company because I want to be near you. If you can meet all of my needs and want to help me have an itch-free life, please go to www.schnauzerloverescue.net and complete an application; be sure to ask for Bo Bo Biscuit in Tennessee.