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Sunday, July 03, 2022

Lucy3Foster Lucy here. I'm ready to start the journey to my happily ever after home Before I say anything else, I know I’m extra cute and adorable. There’s no question about that. Those evil grooming people had to shave my fur, but it’ll grow and even with no fur, I think I’m still at least a 9 on the cute scale. Right? That being said, the groomers are not my favorite people. I have not had much grooming experience in my life. So, I will need a groomer that can be patient with me and take their time and give me breaks in between to get adjusted tothe experience. Now that we have that out of the way, I’m going to tell you about myselfand the kind of hoomans I need. They need to be very special. 

Lucy5I am 3 years old, and I must be the only dog because who needs other dogs when you have me? To be perfectly clear, I'm not necessarily dog aggressive. I just wasn't properly socialized and I just don't know how to mind my manners with other dogs. And honestly, I don’t want to learn. Foster mommy says I’m a big talker and I’m kinda loud, so I need a house (no condo or apartment) and I really prefer a nice, fenced backyard.

Lucy2Furthermore, I know some people like children, but honestly, they’re just not my thing. So, no kids, for sure. I need a very schnauzer-experienced owner who will be loving, firm and patient with me and continue to teach me my best Lucy behavior. Speaking of manners, I've been in doggie boot camp the last few months and am making great strides on my manners. I came from a place with no rules or boundaries. Then when I misbehaved, they were less than kind and deemed me aggressive when I responded accordingly. Foster mommy called me Cujo when I first arrived. Oh, the snarls that came out of my dainty mouth! Now, I’m not going to lie but I can be snippy (bitey) at first, until I feel comfortable and have a level of trust in you. I didn’t want to snap at foster mommy, but I was so nervous and scared at first. I just have to know you’re not going to hurt me; I will need some extra love and patience to adjust to my new home. 

Lucy6After a few weeks of decompressing, foster mommy started teaching me lady-like behavior. I had food aggression and toy resource guarding when I first arrived. I'm happy to report I have overcome those. I was just never taught proper manners, so I thought my behavior was acceptable. But I will need a strong leader to keep me in my place and let me know that behavior is not acceptable, while letting me know how much you love me. Since I did come from a bad place, I sadly admit I developed some trust issues. But I’m so happy to report I'm making great strides in that area too. When I first arrived you could not come within 10 feet of me when I was sleeping. Mr. Vet man says that's probably becausesince I came from a bad place, I feel most vulnerable when sleeping. Not to brag, but after I developed a level of trust in foster mommy, I'm moving past that. I love snuggies. That being said. I have to trust you and feel secure before I let you rub my belly. I have started taking Prozac. Mr. Vet man doesn't think I"ll have to be on it forever. He thinks after about 6 months, when I feel completely safe and secure in my forever home, I can probably stop taking it. Right now it just helps keep my anxiety down, especially since I came from a bad place.

Lucy4I know I sound a bit like a hot mess. But foster mommy says I'm an adorable, sassy girl who loves to play and go on walkies. I just need a strong, firm, and patient leader that I can trust and blossom with. If you can meet all my needs, including experience with a biter, please go to and submit an application; be sure to ask for Lucy in Tennessee!!!!!