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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Lewis2Lewis is an energetic, talkative, highly intelligent 3-year-old neutered male purebred miniature schnauzer. He is housebroken, crate trained, current on all vaccines, and would love to join an experienced schnauzer person as their new and devoted companion and shadow. He weighs roughly 16 pounds, so he is on the smaller side for a male miniature schnauzer. Lewis would prefer the company of one, or possibly two dog-savvy adults and, once he gets to know his new person or people, he will be a loyal, affectionate, fearless, and devoted companion and the best cuddle buddy in town. It takes him a few weeks to feel like he can “let his hair down and relax” but in the few weeks he has been in his current foster home, he has really settled in and has become a sweet, obedient, and loyal BFF to his foster mom. Lewis is an incredibly smart boy who learns very quickly and is highly food motivated. Lewis is looking for loving and experienced applicant who can be a firm, understanding owner.

Lewis3He does have a strong prey drive so would be best in a home without cats, and for now, as an only dog.   Lewis spent his first three years of life in a motel room with three people and two or three other dogs and very little interaction with anyone outside of that environment. He is doing surprisingly well in his foster home, as he now lives with three cats, his foster mom, and her two adult children. While he lived with his previous family, someone was generally there with him all the time, so he does exhibit separation anxiety when he is left alone. This is something he could gradually work on in his new home with consistency and positive reinforcement and could also potentially resolve if he could be successfully matched with a doggie companion that could help him feel more secure. In the meantime, Lewis would do best in a home where his person or people are home most of the time or have a flexible schedule that would allow more one-on-one time with him. Because he can be quite vocal, he will only be placed in a single-family residence and not in a condo, apartment, or townhome. 
Lewis4Lewis is a keen watchdog and is still learning how to behave around new people and new critters. He now tolerates the three cats in his foster home and knows that they are “off-limits” even though deep down, he would still love to chase them. Because of his prior situation in the motel, he can be protective of his space and will need proper introduction and supervision whenever he is introduced to new people or animals. He would also benefit from continued training and positive reinforcement, and patience from his new companion as he learns how to trust and feel comfortable around new people and new situations. 
Lewis LOVES to chase varmints and does what his foster mom likes to call “digging for truffles” because he enjoys pushing up the earth with his “snout”. He prides himself on being an avid “ratter” and “chaser of birds, squirrels, chipmunks, leaves in the wind, tennis balls, squeaky toys, and other swiftly moving things with or without fur or feathers”. For this reason, Lewis would do best in a quiet, adult-only home with a securely fenced yard where he can dig for truffles and chase varmints to his heart’s content.  If you think you meet Lewis’s needs, please apply to adopt him at and ask for Lewis.