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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Kiefer2Hey, I’m Kiefer! First, I want to say I LUV you because I LUV everybody. And I’m looking for my forever home!!! There’s lots more to know about me, so keep reading! The nice SLR people say I might be a standard schnauzer/herding dog mix which means I’m super special and super sweet. Kiefer is being fostered in Tennessee, so if you are interested, please ask for Kiefer inTennessee when you submit your application. My foster mom can tell you much more about me!

Kiefer3I’m kinda big (33 lbs) but I’m really just a big ole determined overgrown pup – just over a year old. I’m a super cute, fun and loving dog who needs an owner with lots of experience with dogs who need training. I have tons of energy so I need you to be able to handle me when I’m afraid– like if you try to put me in a crate (sorry, I’ll wrestle you to stay out of it). So, I really don’t do crates. I need a bathroom or other small room to be when I’m left alone at first. I still don’t like being without my person, but I settle down much quicker these days.

And when I become afraid I’m ashamed to say, I used to strike out at my foster schnauzer brother if he’s right there. Which is not what I want to do because I LUV him too. We’ve gotten into a few skirmishes, and I always feel so guilty afterwards. Now that I’m comfortable with my foster mom and her schnauzers I have better self-control and I don’t do that anymore. But going to a new place might make me afraid again, so if you’re patient and willing to work with me, I can be your forever little buddy.

Kiefer4I am very mouthy (evidently that is what herding doggies do), and use my mouth more than I should. I’m getting better, but I do mouth on my foster mom (it just feels so good!). I’ve learned to calm down, stay more focused and follow commands. I practice commands almost every day. I will even sit and wait till you tell me it’s okay to eat my food. I am learning what they call self-control. 

My happiest times are spent with people and the two little schnauzers I’ve been fostered with. I just LUV others so much but I am working on better manners. I think I could be okay in a home with other dogs, so talk with my foster mom about that. I’m a bit overwhelming because I get excited, and I don’t always take cues from other pups that they are done with me and my behavior. Remember, I’m still learning and I need to be watched.

Kiefer5I have to play several times a day and I need exercise! I am a loving,cuddly pup and I want to be near you. There’s so much more about me that I can’t type here, like after a while at home alone I can get kind of mischievous (whatever that is). I look for anything that smells like the person I LUV and like to chew on it. I LUV to chew almost anything, I am still in that puppy stage. I mean I do not chew furniture and walls and stuff (don’t be ridiculous) but I like to find things you wouldn’t expect would be interesting to me like a box of highlighters, a tube of crazy glue or a safety pin. I’m telling you though, now that I’ve settled down a bit and feel safe toys and bones are my favorite. 

I need a home with no kids and someone who is very experienced, calm and ready for the challenge of training a pup.. I LUV you already.