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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Meet Buddy. He is an 8 year old mini schnauzer being fostered in Knoxville, TN. If you are interested in Buddy, please fill out an adoption from the drop down menu above. Once you have submitted and application and had your interview you may contact his fostor momwith further questions at

Hi there, Schnauzer Lovers!  I’m Buddy!!!!! 

BuddyT3I am an 8 year old Male Miniature schnauzer who weighs about 18 pounds and surprise, I have the most beautiful eyelashes.  So that already sets me apart.  You want to know what else sets me apart???  

I’m very nervous about new environments, sudden sounds, and movements.  So what does that mean?  That means before you start reading about how fantastic I am, please know I need a VERY specific home that can be EXTREMELY patient with my unique qualities.  

BuddyT4I have some anxiety and am nervous about people touching me or being in my space. My foster mommy can hug me because I trust her, but if anyone new tries to pet me, I can get upset suddenly and give off an aggressive snarl or even try to bite.  I’m not proud of that.  Once I adjust to the right forever home, maybe that will stop and I can trust the people around me more. 

BuddyT5When I side sit, don’t come near me even though I look adorable. I’m in my Eeyore mood and don’t want you to ruin it… unless, of course, you temp with my leash for a walk. 

Sometimes I fight falling asleep because I am woken up by my own nightmares. Therefore, I like to go in my crate at night so that I can sleep feeling safe. I love my crate and don’t try to fight going inside (with a little help). I also don’t bark or cry when I’m in my crate. However, I don’t like when things get near my crate. I prefer if my foster mommy dangles my leash in front and tempts me out with a walk.

Speaking of, that is the highlight of my day. I walk very well on a leash and if you are ever trying to get me to snap out of a mood, just dangle the leash in front of me. 

BuddyT7So what I’m saying is, you gotta be willing to work with me on my anxious nature.  I am not a mean schnauzer, but I have bitten a couple people who got too close to me when I didn’t want to be bothered.  I was really just trying to tell them them to back off. My Mommy has told me that people do not like my sudden mood swings. She has been trying to help me to understand that I can share my new home with other people and dogs. They also have to use a “Water Gun” sometimes when I start to smile – know what I mean?

So my new home MUST be very attentive and vigilant to continue working with me to become the best schnauzer I can be.  I think my foster Mommy said whoever adopts me needs to be schnauzer experienced and probably shouldn’t have any other animals.  I’m not sure I agree but that’s what she says.  Now lets get to the good stuff…………..

BuddyT6I know I am particularly handsome because my foster Mommy tells me all the time.  You can see by my pictures how photogenic I am.  I’m a pro on a leash so if you like to walk I’m your man.  I can sit, very quickly if you have some string cheese. I love to be outside. I could sniff the back yard all day long. Foster Mommy says I’m extremely sweet once I warm up to people.  You know, they really understand me because they “get” schnauzers.  Understand?

I have 1 foster brother who is a 14 year old Wheaten Terrier.  He does not always love me, but he tolerates me most of the time. I like to snuggle in his bed, but then I need my space and try to kick him out. I think he senses that I am unsure how to act around others. I am still learning how to play with other dogs because I am kinda awkward right now. I am slowly warming up to them and I think I might do OK with another smaller dog in the home that is very friendly and submissive because I want to be the alpha. They could help teach me how to mind my manners and share my new parents with other people and animals.  

BuddyT9I have also been told that I have excellent potty skills (whatever that is), and I’m just a sweet, great dog.  I am so glad I am here because they also tell me I am going to get a forever home soon (which I know is a GREAT thing to happen to any doggie).  You see, I’ve had a bit of a journey. I was found abandoned on the streets, and had to spend some time in a shelter. I then went to a great home with an older women (92 years old) where everything was very calm and quiet and I was given all the attention. My previous owner had to go to assisted living, so that’s how I ended up with the fantastic folks from Schnauzer Love Rescue. My foster Mommy says I need just the right home with schnauzer-experienced humans and preferably no other animals or small children.  That makes sense to me, because I really want to go somewhere and stay forever, and I know that SLR has the BEST adopters of all time!  I have a lot of fun, doggie years left since I’m only 8 and very agile, and I really want to be the little buddy of some awesome people!!!!!!