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Monday, July 26, 2021

Hey Y’all! I am Kirby!!  As you have probably noticed, I am not a Schnauzer.  My foster mom thinks I may be a Standard Schnauzer/Bassett Hound mix, but whatever I am I keep hearing the words, stinking cute, so there is probably some of that in my DNA too. I weigh about 37 lbs. I am currently living in Cumming, GA, but that really doesn’t matter too much, if you think you want me to live with you my foster mom and the other SLR people will work with you to get me to you. Please fill out an application first; you have to do that to get the ball rolling before someone else snatches me up!!

Kirby1I am around 3 years old and I came from a shelter. I am very healthy and get along with my other foster siblings pretty well; although I hear I am ALPHA….not sure what that is. I don’t bark like the schnauzers do; I have a big dog bark. I am a little nervous at first, so I have to have someone who  is dog experienced.  I am a strong dog and can be protective so this is another reason I need an experienced dog owner.  My foster mom has a doggie door, so she just let me hang out a few days until I got settled into the new place before messing with me too much and so when she did I was a really good boy.  I let her brush me, no problems.  Some of my hair does come out, but I don’t need haircuts like the other dogs at my house.   My hair does not matte up like the schnauzer hair either.  I would probably do okay with older kids, but I will knock over little kids.  I would do better with a fenced yard because I have a lot of energy.    I am very snuggly and love attention.  I play with toys, but just by myself.  My foster mom tries to play with me but I don’t quite know what to do…I just throw them around and play by myself just fine.  I will learn one day with practice how to play with people.  The biggest and best thing I like to do is USE MY NOSE!!  I would like to have a person that would do barn work or nose work with me. I am very scent motivated!!!  

Kirby4Well I guess that is about it, if you think you would like me to come live with you as my furever family, please put in an application.  Once you do, if you have any further questions, you can email my foster mom at:  But you have to do an application first, no questions will be answered until the application is completed.  Thanks for looking at me!!  I am awesome!!