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Sunday, June 20, 2021

A brave little rescue named Bandit is being fostered in Lexington SC. If you are interested in Bandit, fill out an adoption application online and list him as the particular dog you are applying for. Already submitted an application and had your interview, then contact your state interviewer to request more information.

Bandit is a 10 month old male Mini Schnauzer. He weighs 14 lbs, has natural ears, a docked tail, and is gray in color. Bandit is up-to-date with his shots, on Heartworm Preventatives and is neutered. He was owner surrendered due to his lack of vision.

Bandit has retinal dysplasia in both eyes which has caused him to be have limited vision. He has been to an eye specialist. The specialist explained that retinal dysplasia is an inherited degenerative disease of the retina. It is passed from the parents to their offspring. There is no cure or treatment for retinal dysplasia. Fortunately, this is not a painful condition. Bandit still has some vision, and it is recommended that he be on a prescription oral retinal supplement to help slow further deterioration of the back of the eyes.

Bandit2Make no mistake, this does not slow this energizer bunny down. He is all puppy. And, as a puppy, he will get into things he shouldn’t. So firm boundaries are a must. Bandit should be with adults only or a home with older children who will respect his disability. With his limited sight, Bandit startles easily. He will bark at the slightest noise until he is moved away or distracted. Bandit needs continuity (the same schedule daily). He needs an adopter who works from home or is retired.

Bandit will do best with another dog in the home, a guide dog per se. A fenced yard is a must. The eye specialist claims this will give him security and some independence.

Let’s recap Bandit’s requirements for adoption:
 Accept a special needs rescue/Oral supplement prescription runs $75 to $90 every three months
 Home with adults or adults with older children
 Another dog in the home
 Fenced yard
 Willing to work and train with Bandit/Strong pack leader
 Patience and more patience

Bandit1If you can provide for Bandit and give him the human love and kindness he deserves,
then apply today.
Let this Bandit steal your heart!