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Monday, July 26, 2021

Meet Levi, an 8 year old 27 lb. male being fostered in Montgomery, Alabama. He has been in his 
foster home for a few months, to assess his behavior so we can determine the ideal home forthis sweet but demanding boy. He is looking for a Schnauzer experienced home and due to his prior history of bladder stones, he needs a home where he can go outside during the day. If you are the special person, please ask for Levi on your application. If you cannot meet his needs below, please do not specify him on your application.

Levi6Levi needs:
 A stable, permanent home
 Patience and a lot of attention
 Consistent defined boundaries and rules
 Lots of water and access to potty frequently
 No small children in the home
 Fenced yard
 ALL household members must be willing to help care for Levi, to prevent over protective behaviors toward one person in the home

Levi2aTraining needs to continue in these areas:
Socialization with humans
Clicker training
“Stay” command

We believe Levi is between 7 – 9 years old. He is neutered, chipped and up to date on his immunizations. Levi was surrendered due to unattended bladder stones that had to be removed. His recent well checkup tells us this has been resolved. He must remain on his prescription dog food that encourages him to drink lots of water so he needs to go out frequently. 

Levi4aLevi was originally adopted, but was returned when one of the humans was unable to recover from the death of their previous dog and Levi became attached to the other human. This and other reasons, cause him to become overly attached to one person. He has done Great with the 3 adults in his foster home, but they have ALL worked to care for him and ALL interact with him. He believes he is being protective of HIS human when he stands in between them and guests or other household members. Any discipline needed, is best resolved with the clicker, a “sit” command, and a verbal “Good Boy” reward, especially from the human he offended. This is best in a calm, firm voice. Levi wants / NEEDS, to know you are in command of his environment. He is a people pleaser and only wants to be rewarded with attention.

Levi has been around children and other dogs without biting but does not need to live in a home with small children. Their quick movements make him very nervous. He came into care with a low startle reflex and stomping and running feet startle him. This gets better as he becomes familiar with the sounds in his environment.

 Levi5Having said that, he can be the king of calm with other dogs in the home. His 10-pound foster fur-sister has bitten his hiney and he just yelps and walks away. He’s a snuggler not a fighter! Levi is a mouse in a 27-pound schnauzer body. He needs to know his boundaries from the beginning. If he’s on the floor, his head is on your knee. If he’s allowed on the sofa, he wants your lap. If allowed on the bed… well, sharing is caring. He loves a bath and tolerates brushing his fluffy feet. Essentially, baths are petting with bubbles and a towel. He loves to ride in the truck, the golf cart and the Gator. If you are going, he’s ready to go! Want to walk instead? He has walked 4 miles or only half a block. Levi is just happy to be with you! If a little attention is good, then A LOT of attention is better! Levi lives for praise and affection. Every look he gives says “PWeeeeez Pet Me!” If you make eye contact, your heart will melt.