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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Hi I’m Schnitzel! I’m a sweet, approximately 11 year old, 22 lb. senior boy looking for someone to love me and cherish me during my golden years. If you are that kind person who can give me that love and attention, please fill out an application. I have natural ears and a docked tail and I’m currently located in Buford, GA.

Schnitzel6I came into rescue because my 98 year old mom has dementia and is no longer able to care for me. We loved each other dearly and you will find out that  I love all people dearly. I’m a sweetheart who’s tail goes 90 miles an hour when I see someone. I am a huge lap dog who just wants to be loved on. I’ll actually paw you for attention when I’m laying near you because I just want all the love you can give me.

Schnitzel3I am fully house trained and have had no accidents whatsoever in the house. I ride very well in a car and don’t bark a lot. The only time I bark is when you try to get me excited and playing, and it’s usually a single bark at that.

Schnitzel5Besides being loved on, my other favorite thing to do is to go for walks. I do a fantastic job walking on leash and if I may brag, I’m actually better at it than the other 2 dogs in the house. I don’t rush ahead and pull. I’m very calm but walk at a good pace. Speaking of the other 2 dogs, I get along great with dogs. We eat together and sleep together.

As far as health, I do have a heart murmur which I take a medication for and I’m on a prescription urinary food. I’ve never had bladder stones but they saw crystals in my urine at some point so they put me on the special food and I’ve had no problems.

My favorite place to sleep is with you because in case you missed it above, I love being with people. I’m very much what my foster mom calls a Velcro dog. Wherever you go in the house, that’s where I’ll be.

So if you want a loving and sweet companion who will always be by your side and who doesn’t chew everything up or make messes in the house like all those new puppies, then fill out an application and ask for me by name. I will give you more love than you can imagine.