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Saturday, August 08, 2020

Cooper6Hi!!  I’m Cooper and a wonderful loving mini. I am 7 1/2 years old and have been blind for a couple of years due to retinal degenerative disease. I am being fostered in Anniston, AL. If you are interested in me (and I hope you are), please fill out an adoption application on the website and remember to ask for me, Cooper. Once you have filled out an application and had an interview, you will be able to talk with my foster Mom.

I am told I am a rather handsome fellow. I have natural ears and docked tail and I am light gray and white and weigh about 20 pounds. My health is great, and I have no issues other than my blindness. 

Cooper3Although I am blind, with patience and guidance I can learn to navigate my new home. Right now I don’t have any steps to contend with. (I would probably fall down them). I have a halo I can wear to help me until I learn my way around and get comfortable. I like to sleep in bed with you. (I’m a cuddler). I will jump off the bed if I want down. So hopefully you have a  non-skid rug there because those wood floors make for rough landings.

Cooper2I like to go outside and follow my foster mom around, and she always finds an area where I can run to her and not side swipe anything.  I don’t do too bad walking on the leash either. I am up to date on all my shots. I like to be brushed and groomed. I can play fetch with my favorite toys.  Eating is no issue. I inhale any and all food.  I am a friendly guy and I like other dogs and cats. I can even tolerate the small 2 leggers as well..

Cooper5I would do best in a home without stairs or stairs that can be blocked. I think another schnauzer as a buddy would be awesome. I like to be with you all the time. In the past I suffered from separation anxiety but I have not had any problems with that with my foster mom when she has left me at home alone. I bark at men if they get close to my foster mom. I haven’t nipped at anyone  Just using my voice in protecting those I love. I love the car (and McDonald’s).

Cooper4If you think you have the love to share with me please fill out an adoption application and mention my name “Cooper”. I am waiting for someone to love me and for me to love right back.