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Saturday, August 08, 2020

Meet ‘Nugget’ – A nugget is defined as a ‘small piece.’ This little guy definitely fits this definition, as he is only 11 lbs.

Nugget3SLR was notified that a Schnauzer Mix needed to be rescued from a shelter in FL. Looking at the picture that was received, it was felt that there was ‘some’ Miniature Schnauzer hidden in there so into the rescue he came. To this day, we still are not sure but the consensus is that sweet little Nugget is mostly Dachshund and Chihuahua but please don’t say that to his face. He is living with a Miniature Schnauzer in his foster home and he definitely feels he is a brother from another mother.

Nugget4Nugget is approximately 12 years young. As you can see from his pictures, his coloring is more of a cream color. He has natural ears and a natural tail. He sheds a little, is leash trained, partially blind and mostly deaf. He has a strong sense of smell and gets around just fine in his foster home. Nugget follows his foster mom from room to room – he will be your shadow. He is definitely a ladies’ man and therefore must have a female in the home, who will allow him to snuggle multiple times a day.

Nugget5When Nugget arrived at his foster home, he had severe skin issues. With the use of medication and medicated baths, Nugget has grown back his hair and he is looking very adorable! His lab work came back normal for a dog of his age. He is fine with children and other dogs as he is so mellow – he takes time to smell the roses when outdoors. Nugget needs someone who is home most of the day as he needs to ‘smell the roses’ several times a day – not unusual for a dog his age. He sleeps thru the night in his little dog bed.

Nugget2If you are looking for a sweet, mellow dog to snuggle with and hold, then Nugget is the boy for you. Whatever love you give to him, he will give it back twice as much. He is so appreciative to have a second chance in a loving, forever home.

If you are interested in hearing more about Nugget, please complete an Adoption Application and enter ‘Nugget’ as the adorable ‘Honorary Schnauzer” boy you would like to provide a loving home to. If you have already completed an application, please e-mail jamosher@bellsouth.net for additional information.