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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Kramer is being fostered in Canton, GA.   He has been in his foster home for awhile because we are being very selective about where he goes.  If you do not meet his needs below, please do not fill out an application for Kramer.  

 KramerA2It is believed that Kramer is between 3 and 4 years old.  He is neutered and very playful once he gets to know and trust you.  He weighs about 12 lbs.  He was picked up by the Gwinnett Shelter and was placed in rescue due to extreme fear of the shelter and the workers and his issues with containment.

He continues to make great strides but will need to find a home that will be able to continue with his training and have patience with him.

Kramer’s needs: (these are non-negotiable)

  • Extreme patience and love
  • Kramer must be an only dog or have 1 other dog in the home
  • Kramer has been known to fear bite… on occasion people he does not know.  He will most likely do that again.  For that reason, he needs a quiet home, not a lot of people in and out of the home.
  • Full commitment to continue with training and socializing.

    Training needs to continue to include:
  • Containment boundaries – if you choose to contain
  • Walking on a leash
  • Barking – due to fear of any new or unknown noise
  • Understanding his boundaries until he is comfortable 
  • Enjoys playing with other dog(s) however can show some protectiveness to owner 

KramerA3Kramer is a very goofy boy who enjoys playing with toys, chasing the ball, rolling around in blankets, playing hide and seek with the foster family’s clothing.  He gives kisses and loves to lay on the couch with his person, preferably over your lap and once comfortable with you will roll over for tummy rubs.  He has done well with other dogs in the house and plays well with a few of them who choose to play back. He enjoys riding in the car however has been quite timid/scared of new people and places.  We have not had much time to explore the city yet since working on baby steps in the home.

Kramer’s forever home must be either with a single owner or a couple with the ability to give him lots of time, love and training.  It is very important there not be a lot of people in and out of the house.  Homes with children or visiting children will not be considered for Kramer.  Kramer is learning manners and commands, working on using a doggie door, and working on feeling comfortable with harnesses and leash training.

KramerA4He currently has a fenced in backyard that he loves to run around in with the resident dogs.

If you meet Kramer’s requirements, please fill out an application and ask for Kramer.  If you do not meet his requirements, you will not be contacted for him.