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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Gizmo is fostered in east Tennessee. If you are interested in him. please submit an application here on our website and them after you have had your phone interview you may contact his foster mom for more information at mygrangran@gmail.com.

Please meet Gizmo a sweet and loving 10 yo Schnauzer/Dachshund mix that SLR saved from the Louden 
County animal shelter in Tennessee. Gizmo’s owner died and her parent’s that are in their early 90’s were unable to care for him due to their health and physical limitations. Poor little Gizmo had to be turned into the shelter.

Gizmo2He was only there for a day before we were able to rescue him, which was a really good thing because he is a very sensitive little boy. You can tell how much he was missing his home and owner by how sad he was at first. We picked him up from the shelter and took him straight to the vet where he got a clean bill of health. The only thing found was 2 large lipomas (one on his chest and one on his side) but these do not bother him at all. He did whine while in the car but the poor baby whined for 2 days straight missing his owner. He has since calmed down greatly and no longer whines now that he is in a safe home and loved. 

Gizmo weighs 29 lbs (although he could stand to lose a good 5 lbs) but he carries his weight very well !!! He is a dark salt and pepper with a beautiful natural tail and a great personality. Gizmo has short little legs and is a little lower to the ground like a dachshund but he likes to be called all schnauzer so please do not mention the D word to him. He gets along great with other dogs and right now we are unsure about kitty cats because we cannot find any to test him with. Gizmo says I am one laid back dude so if your looking for a young whippersnapper that is wild and crazy chewing stuff and needing potty training I am not the one for you- LOL. I am house trained and have not had any accidents in my new foster home. I am also crate trained – how about those apples – I will go right in when you ask. Although I know you will not leave me for more than a few hours LOL. I only bark when startled like when they other doggies think there is something crazy outside and then I get right in there with them. See that’s how I know I’m all schnauzer in my mind………..

Gizmo3So speaking of braking, although I act like I’m ready to 
go Bye Bye, I’m pretty noisy in the car.. I also like to run from side to side so maybe a seatbelt if I’m traveling. I love to go on walks and I do very well on my leash. I also Love to watch TV and if another animal comes on I must let them know I am there by jumping and barking at them. We usually become friends but it just depends on the show…………

My foster Mommy says I’m a really good boy and that I’m really sweet. She said I am no trouble what so ever and since I was loved all my life she is going to help me find another family that will love me just as much as my other Mommy did. I sure hope someone comes to get me soon so I can have my own forever family to settle in with.

Thank you for giving me a chance……………
Love - Gizmo