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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Dolly4Ms Dolly is currently being fostered in Somerville, AL. If you read her bio and think that she is right for you, please fill out an application and ask for ”Ms Dolly”. After your phone interview, you may contact me, her foster mom,  at Alalmostheaven74@aol.com.

Ms Dolly came to SLR from a shelter in Sevierville, TN.  She is about 10 years old. Ms Dolly is a beautiful white Schnauzer with docked tail and natural ears. Ms Dolly is spayed, heartworm negative, current on all her shots and weighs about 19 pounds. She also has had a dental.

Dolly5Ms Dolly has limited vision, so well lit areas are easier for her to get about and she is a little hard of hearing. She doesn’t enjoy being held but loves to have her ears scratched and her back rubbed. She walks well on a leash and loves to stop and smell the roses. Ms Dolly is very quiet and doesn’t bark. She gets along well with other dogs and children. We think she will become more loving when secure in her new, forever home.

Dolly2Ms Dolly is usually down for the night about 8:00. She sleeps in her own bed all night. I usually take her out about 8 am. She then usually goes back to sleep till mid- afternoon. She is good to signal when she needs to go out, but if I fail to recognize it, she does have occasional accidents. She would do best with someone who is able to be at home with her most of the time.  She travels well. She eats well, once a day about 4-5 pm. When we come in from outside, she expects a treat. Her bed is in a doggy playpen. Even though she is able to go in and out though her door, she prefers her playpen. I think she views it as her safe area.

Dolly6Ms Dolly deserves a loving home and a special person who will see that she gets it. Are you that person? If so, please fill out an application and ask for Ms. Dolly.