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Sunday, March 29, 2020

SeaSea2SeaSea is being fostered in South Carolina, by Kathy. After you have successfully completed SLR's application process, you may contact Kathy at mypumpkin@windstream.net for more information on SeaSea.

Hi! I'm SeaSea! Crazy name, right? Foster mom thinks it's probably more like CiCi, and someone at the shelter spelled it wrong. But, I know my name, and I'll come running when you call me. Foster Mom also calls me Seese, and Seeser.

SeaSea3My history is one of pure neglect. When I was at the shelter in 2018, one of my teeth fell out on the exam table. I was adopted out, and those people didn't take care of me either. When they surrendered me in January, I had to be sedated and shaved because I was so badly matted. My back had bald spots under the mats. My toenails curled into the bottom of my feet. And me teeth were still really bad. The shelter used the condition of my teeth to guess my age, and they said I was 16 1/2. As if! But, SLR never hesitated, and they bailed me right on out of there. Foster Mom thought she was getting a Hospice Foster.

SeaSea4But all that is behind me now! I got an appointment with Dr. Eric. He said my teeth were the worst he'd seen, but my eyes are those of an 8-10 year old. Dr. Eric pulled out all my teeth. Let me tell you, since those rotten teefs are gone, I am feeling so good! I have put on weight and I'm looking good at 13 pounds. My hair has grown back, and my eyes sparkle. I am very playful and I love toys! All kinds of toys! Foster Mom says I am a perfect little man.

SeaSea5Notes from Foster Mom: SeaSea has a new lease on life. He is active and engaged, and his eyes just shine. He has made a 100% turnaround. He is living with dogs 12-95 pounds, and two cats, and does well with them. He would do well with a playful companion (he plays hard), or he could be an only dog. SeaSea is very loving, and likes to snuggle his person. He is house trained and crate trained. SeaSea rides well in the car, walks fine on a leash, and is good for grooming and vetting. We are going to be conservative on his age and say 10-11.

SeaSea6SeaSea's vetting was generously donated by Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast.

SeaSea is a great little guy. He is looking for his Happily Ever After, where he'll never be neglected again. Will it be with you?