Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Sophie is being fostered in Aiken, SC. If you are interested in her please fill out an application and then you can contact your state interviewer for more information on her

Sophie is a beautiful schnauzer who is healthy and estimated to be 13 
– 15 years old. She is spayed and up-to-date on all her vaccines. She is mostly housebroken, is crate and leash trained. She is fine with other dogs in the house. She weighs 18 pounds and has natural ears and a natural tail.

Sophie3Sophie is a mellow dog. She loves being outside where she can run and jump. She is an early riser, and is waiting to go outside. She eats slowly twice a day. Sophie has a docile personality and is not aggressive toward people or other dogs in the home. She has free range of the first floor in the foster home without any issues, but she does pace around the rooms spmetimes, so you would not find her sitting down often.

Sophie is a little hard of hearing, and has decreased vision-so low lit areas are more difficult for her to navigate. She 
doesn’t enjoy being held unless she is tired, then she will nap in your lap, but once she is awake, she is ready to get down, and usually needs to go outside to potty. She does not navigate going up stairs easily being as she’s an older gal, but she does fairly good coming down the steps.

Sophie4She’s typically ready for bed by 8:30, and sleeps in her kennel with a blanket laid across it. She has the sweetest face and would be a great companion for someone who will be home with her. If you could be the special person Sophie needs please submit an application for sweet Sophie.