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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Pemma2Hi!  I’m Pemma, but my foster mom calls me Lovie, because I’m just lovely. Not only do I look half my age, but I feel it too. I am being fostered in Myrtle Beach SC. If you have submitted your application and had your phone interview, you may contact for more information.

Pemma3I'm 11 years young weighing only 14 pounds. I am spay and up to date on my shots and heart worm negative. I have been on some meds for the condition I was in before SLR took me in. I am crate and house trained and not a big barker, but I do alert to the doorbell and outside noises. I am content to relax on the couch, but sometimes I just want to play.  My foster mom gave me a stuffed chipmunk and a squeaky ball, but I want someone to play with me.  When I give her the “Let’s play!” pose, she says she just doesn’t have the energy to play over and over and that I need a playmate with more zip. We don’t have a fenced-in yard, so we walk across the street to a grassy public area to go potty. I pull some on the leash and need a little training in that area.  I’d love to hop outside with canine bro or sis into our own little fenced-in yard. Yes, I do the Schnauzer hop! 

Pemma7I’m all Schnauzer!  As mentioned I will need help learning how to heel on the leash, and to relax when I see another dog or person outside anywhere. I spent time as a stray, and I feel anxious until we get back into the house, where I feel safe. I have some of that “separation anxiety” thing going on when I’m left alone. I think I’d feel  better with a human who is home a lot or a canine bro or sis.  But don’t worry one bit about destructive behavior from me. I’m perfect in the house, and I happily hop into my crate in the car.

Pemma6I know looks aren’t everything, but my mom says I’m absolutely darling. The doctor said the cataract in my right eye is “mature and not going anywhere.”  And I see fine out of that eye.  My coat was overgrown, with patches of it missing, when I arrived at SLR.  I finished my meds for a skin infection, and my foster mom got me a summer shave all over, which is now growing out. She believes in “comfort before beauty.” So now my beautiful Schnauzer coat is growing out fresh. I am not thrilled with grooming but not aggressive and I am good for brushing and bathing and for taking my meds.

Pemma5My intake card at the shelter said I was taken into a home with other dogs and cats. Foster mom would like to give me a chance for a home with a canine bro or sis to run with out in the yard. I’m ready!  I'm spunky. I'm cute. Could I be the schnauzer for YOU???