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Sunday, November 17, 2019

If you are interested in Leroy Brown please fill out an application and then after your phone interview you may contact his foster mom, Janet, for even more information at .

Hello, thank you for checking out my profile. My name is Leroy Brown, but not like the “bad, bad” one in the song. I know this is important, so I’ll get this out of the way up front. I’m middle aged (8-9), and there is a little more of me to love at 25#. I’ve been “fixed,” and my hair is salt and pepper with brown mixed in for good measure. 

LeroyB3I have a checkered past, but I hope you can look past it. You see, I was picked up by the doggie law several months ago for loitering and I spent about 2 months in lockup until I was released into a halfway (foster) house back in May. I was very sick and in lots of pain when I was locked up, so I may have been a naughty boy and nipped someone when they hurt me unintentionally. Since I entered the halfway house I’ve had I full medical workup and was treated for all my ailments. My back needs a little TLC due to an old injury, so I take a joint supplement for that.  Otherwise, I now have a clean bill of health. I’ve also been to the dentist and my chompers are pearly white. I’m smiling and styling now, ready to meet you, if you’re the one. 

LeroyB7I’m earning lots of gold stars for good behavior here at the halfway house. I sit, stay and come when I’m told and I’m learning to lay down. I love to go for rides in the car and I don’t give the house mother any trouble when we go out for a walk. I like everyone I meet, including other dogs, I even like the cat here. I’m not a fan of thunderstorms, you could say that they scare me (but I’ll never admit it).

My therapist thinks that I must have been abused when I was homeless, or maybe before, because I tend to lash out when I think someone may hurt me. For this reason, I’m looking for a home where there are no full time children (even though I like them). 

LeroyB5I will be happiest as the only canine in your life, even though I get along with the dogs and the cat here at the halfway house. I just know that I’d like to have the house mom all to myself, and sometimes the older girl doggie here doesn’t like it. I’d sleep in the bed with the house mom if she’d let me, but I’m happy sleeping on the floor next to her. She doesn’t make me get in a crate because I had such a bad reaction to it when she first tried, and she’s got neighbors who can hear me when I’m unhappy. Maybe you could teach me to like a crate.  I’m well behaved in the house though, and you might not find it necessary at all. 

I could be happy in a home with a yard, or in a place where I can be walked regularly.  I love to get out and about, see the sights, and go for rides. I’ll explore the world with you on foot or in your car or RV.  But, I’m also pretty snuggly and I love laps. The house mother says I am her shadow and a “Velcro pup,” whatever that means. I’m also kind of a lover,  I am already saving up a big kiss just for you!

They say might be a mix, but some think I'm close to pure schnauzer.  I’ve got the RooRoo’s and all the other characteristics of a typical miniature schnauzer. However, I do shed a little bit. But, the house mom cannot tolerate “shedders,” and I’ve not bothered her allergies at all.  I think it is because I’m such a gentleman!

If you think we’d make a good match, please fill out an adoption application and let them know you’d like to learn more about Good Good Leroy Brown!