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Monday, July 22, 2019

Gus is an active boy and is being fostered in Marietta, Ga. by Renee and Richard.  If you are interested in this sweet boy, please fill out an application.  You can talk with his foster Mom after you have your interview.

GusA2Hi, I'm Gus, a 5 years old, larger boy weighing 34 lbs. My history of survival is truly worth reading.  I spent 4 weeks lost near a lake in Gainesville, GA. Many people tried to help capture me, but I didn't trust them.  At night I'd howl on top of the mountain.  Many people were so good to me, everyone was leaving food outside. It rained most of the time and tornadoes were coming.  A very kind lady made baked chicken and spread out a large blanket and sat for 6 hours letting me take my time warming up to her. I finally came up behind her and licked her ear!  She started to cry and took me inside to get a good long bath. Next she took me to the vet and I got my vaccines.  After that all the neighbors came to meet me.

GusA3I am a very happy and affectionate boy. I love my foster famiy and never stick close to them but like all schnauzers I should not be trusted off leash unless in a fenced yard.. I was a little cautious of men, but now I love my foster dad. He has this big truck and takes me for rides. I love my rides and he plays my favorite kind of music in the truck - "honky tonk".  I can make my ears groove to the sounds, and my foster parents laugh watching me.

I get along with other dogs. I share my bed, and I'm not food aggressive. I love to jump when waiting for my food, and I can jump pretty high for having shorter legs. I am house trained, and I sleep all through the night. I am really hoping to have a forever home with another dog and a human who will throw me a football.  A large fenced yard would be perfect, but I like walks and don't have to run a lot, just toss me a football. I like laying next to my human on the couch and getting belly rubs.

GusA4My life has been blessed with so many kind strangers that I know I have a special gift of love.  I have two moms that became close friends and want to make sure I'm loved and happy in a new forever home and most of all protected from harm. This is why I was brought to SLR - for safety and a fresh start..Please fill out an application if you are interested in adopting me. I am waiting to make my new person or family smile.
Check back to see a link to a video of me chasing the football in the yard - coming soon!