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Wednesday, September 18, 2019


 Max is being fostered in the Metro Atlanta area.  If you read the rest of my bio and you have the right home for me then please fill out an application and ask for Max in North Atlanta.

Max3Max was found shivering in the winter rain in Gainesville, GA and was turned over to SLR after attempts to find his owners turned up nothing.  Vets estimate that he is about 9 years old, but he is very much a puppy at heart.

Max is about 16 lbs, with natural ears and a docked tail as well as dew claws.  He has been fixed, has had all his shots and is micro chipped. He has also had some initial dental work done.  He is the biggest snuggler you will ever meet. He gets up in your lap, lays his head down and just looks at you with the sweetest eyes.

Max4Our current dog does not get along well with Max, but when he has been boarded with other dogs he has gotten along really well with them. He is a bit possessive when it comes to treats but he does well playing with toys with other dogs around. He gets along very well with children of all ages as long as food is not involved.  He is a huge food thief and will take food out of people’s hands if they aren't careful, so smaller children that can run around with food in their hands will lose it very quickly. With his underbite, he has these adorable tusks but they do poke you a bit when he’s trying to grab things out of hands. He is also able to get up on the kitchen table if food is left unattended.

Max6Max has shown himself to be incredibly tolerant.  He has been dressed up, given rides to many toys, been hugged and squished and even bedazzled, with no complaints.  He walks very well on leash, with no pulling. He is house trained and crate trained. No matter where you are in the house, he will find a way to be right next to you, including at the table.  We have been working on breaking the habit, but he has no problem jumping up on chairs right next to you at the kitchen table.


When we got Max, he did not appear to know any commands.  We have been working with him to respond to his name and are working on basic commands.  The big one we are working on with him is “quiet”. He is a barker. At first, he did not know how to use a doggie door initially and was good at alerting when he wanted to go out, he does know how to use the doggie door now.  He enjoys car rides especially as well as soaking up as much sun as possible. He loves to play fetch but he hasn’t learned to actually return the ball yet.  He also loves toys he can chew on. Max has an extremely happy personality and makes the cutest rawring noise when he’s excited.

Max is a very loving, happy dog, who is just waiting for the right family to come along.