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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Wrigley and Chewy are  2 I/2  year old males who are being fostered in Marietta, Georgia.  If you think that this pair could be the perfect addition to your family, get your application on or if you have one in already contact the person who did your telephone interview.

Chewy2These boys were surrendered by their owner, who is in the military, when he was transferred to a base where his housing did not allow pets. He loved them very much and did what was right for them. Wrigley and Chewy  share the same birthday and came from the same breeder, but their owner was told that they were not sibblings. They have been together all of their lives, so we do want them to stay together. 

Chewy1Wrigley is 16 lbs. with natural ears and a docked tail.  He is a light salt and pepper. He is the caretaker for Chewy. He is the biggest, cuddliest baby and happiest in your lap. When he came into rescue, he had to have bladder stone surgery.  He is  now on a special RX food to help prevent stones from returning. He will need to stay on this food for his life, but it is only slightly more expensive than other good quality foods. He would love a large fenced yard as he is happy running free.

CWrigley2Chewy is 9 lbs, also with natural ears and a docked tail. He is a silver color. He is a wanderer and escape artist and definitely needs someone  who will watch him when he is in the yard. Being small he can escape from place other dogs would not fit. He is healthy and his teeth are sparkly white.  He is happiest on his human's lap.

Chewy3Both boys are house trained, crate trained, and leash trained. They do pull some when on leash so they need someone to work with them on that, and they will need to wear a harness to help control their pulling. They are active boys and definitely need a fenced yard to run around in to expend some of their energy.  These two are typical brothers wanting the same toys and wrestling while they play. Both boys are up to date on their vaccinations, have been neutered, and are micro chipped. 

CWrigley3Chewy and Wrigley are waiting for the perfect forever home.  Could you be that person they are looking for?  If you think that you are, please fill out an application and remember to ask for Chewy and Wrigley.